Meet Cute at Loft on Lake – Jill & Evan

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Located on Lake Street under the L, is Loft on Lake, a cozy, industrial event space that was the location of where Jill & Evan first met and chose to get married back in September 2019.

I met Jill & Evan through Evan’s mother, Cher, who is the owner of Loft on Lake. I do not take those connections & referrals lightly. I always feel humbled when industry peers ask me to officiate their own, or family members, wedding. It was such an honor to get to know Jill & Evan more and play a small role in their day.

After my initial meeting with Jill & Evan and learning that they had met at an Instagram event at Loft on Lake, I knew this was going to be a very special celebration. And it certainly was!! They had angled the ceremony so that where they stood was exactly the place where they had their meet cute in a photo booth 6 years before. We honored that special spot by having Evan’s dad pop up and take a photo of them during the ceremony.

Getting to know Jill & Evan more in our process of working together, I could see that they were indeed companions. From the similar interests they share, to their easy-going natures, they were lucky to find their person to be a witness to their life. Their vows to each other were that promise:

Jill, I believe in you,
the person you will grow to be
and the couple we will be together.
You are my person –
my love and my life,
today and always.

Jill & Evan, I hope the last four and a half years have brought you many blessings, growing as individuals and as a couple, and enjoying the ordinary and extraordinary days together.

Photographer: LOFTY Weddings
Floral: Steve’s Flower Market
DJ: Dustin from Style Matters
Videographer: Leap Weddings
Venue: Loft on Lake
Officiant: Zen Events

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