Expressing Your Love – vol. 5

 In Readings: Expressing Your Love

In certain stages of falling in love, it feels as though nothing will ever go wrong. You will always agree on things. You will love every quirky habit of the person you love. You will have no worries. But we all know that is just not reality. We’re perfectly imperfect, so we don’t always see eye to eye. We only have so much patience. And health & money can be very stressful if you don’t have them. That is one reason I love this poem from Mark Twain. It’s not promising each other roses, champagne, and rainbows for a lifetime. But it is a promise to be the right partner. The right partner is committed, supportive, understanding, and compassionate.

I cannot promise you a life of sunshine;
I cannot promise riches, wealth, or gold;
I cannot promise you an easy pathway
That leads away from change or growing old.
But I can promise all my heart’s devotion;
A smile to chase away your tears of sorrow;
A love that’s ever true and ever growing:
A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow.

-“These I Can Promise”
by Mark Twain

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